The Wedding Ceremony

Your special day, done your way! The music you choose for your ceremony reflects the two of you as a couple. It might be serious and serene, or fun and festive! South Florida lends itself to an entire spectrum of choices from highly traditional ceremonies to casual beach services. We have it all here at Chase Music. Our musicians are experienced and can help guide you through this very important day.

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Soloist / Duo

Soloist Duo
Soloist Duo
The most economical entertainment for your ceremony & cocktails is to have a soloist or duo from your reception band arrive early to play. The options will vary based on the reception band you have chosen but all the soloists are experienced with ceremony song selections, timing of the processionals and bridal entry. The choices normally include flute, saxophone, guitar or keyboard but this will depend on the reception band. Live music is more responsive to the guests and it makes for a lovely visual entertainment while they await the coming ceremony.

Flute & Keyboard

Flute and Keyboard
This duo is the essence of contemporary romance. The sweet melodic tones of the flute will prepare the hearts and minds of your guests for the vows you are about to share with them. This duo can produce the sound of a much larger compliment through the additional instrumentation found on the electronic keyboard. In this way, our duos provide you more music on a smaller budget.

String Ensemble

String Ensemble
Beautiful elegance for both the eyes and the ears. String ensembles enhance the atmosphere of your event. These musicians play much more than the standard classical music, as they can perform contemporary romantic show tunes and wedding favorites as well.


The harp is a romantic instrument with roots deep in music history. The soothing melodies create a relaxed atmosphere and enhance the overall mood of any special event, especially a wedding. The harp is always thought of as the most beautiful of instruments. Our harpist will be happy to consult with you and help choose selections appropriate to the style and mood of your ceremony. Although usually a solo performance, our harpist can easily work with additional musicians such as a flutist, violinist or guitarist if you so desire.

Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar
Interesting to the ear and yet calming to the soul, classical guitar is a perfect mix for wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours. The music creates a reflective, serene mood that is perfect for light conversations to be heard. Guitar music is engaging but not over powering. We can help you select the perfect artist for your wedding: whether that be a traditional guitarist, or a flamenco performer, or a light-classics master. Most of our staff can easily switch into love songs, standards and light jazz as well.

Flute / Saxophone: Scotty K

Scott Klarman
In all of South Florida, you will not find a more sensitive artist on the flute than Scotty K, Master of smooth Jazz. If your tastes lean towards the contemporary, as opposed to the classical, there can be no finer choice for your wedding ceremony than this extraordinary musician. His talents range from romantic ballads to “new age” magical music; songs from Broadway, classic movie themes, top-40 power ballads, and the greatest “Love” standards of the pop music repertoire. As a soloist with his computerized tracks, or with a keyboardist, or with strings, Scotty is pleased to work closely with you to create a magnificent ceremony as unique and special as you are.

Steel Pan

Steel Pan
Who needs expensive décor when you can use the ocean as your backdrop? If you are dreaming of a beach service perhaps consider “marching down the aisle” to the sounds of steel drum and waves. Our pan players can play a variety of music for your wedding ceremony to give you a unique experience.

Wedding Ceremony Music Samples and Suggestions from Chase...

Air on a G String – J.S. Bach – Processional or Bride
BGM – Composer Unknown – Processional
Bridal Chorus – Wagner – Bride
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring – J.S. Bach – Processional or Bride
Dance of the Blessed Spirits – Gluck – Processional or Bride
Erev Ba – Jewish – Processional or Bride
Jerusalem of Gold – Jewish – Processional or Bride
Ode to Joy – Beethovenh – Recessional
Canon in D Major – Pachelbel – Processional or Bride
Royal Fireworks Overture – Handel – Processional or Bride
Shepherd Moons – Enya – Processional or Bride
Siciliano from Sonata #2 in E Flat – J.S. Bach – Processional or Bride
Simantov and Mazeltov – Jewish – Recessional
Somewhere in Time – Movie Theme – Pre-Processional or Bride
Spring from Four Seasons – Vivaldi – Recessional
The Swan – Saint-Saens – Pre-Processional or Bride
Trumpet Voluntary – Clarke – Prcessional or Bride
Wedding March – Mendelssohn – Recessional
Pachelbel-Canon in D (Traditional Processional)
Wagner-Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the Bride) (Traditional Processional)
Mendelssohn-Wedding March (Traditional Recessional)
Handel-Royal Fireworks Overture
Purcell-Trumpet Voluntary (Traditional Processional or Recessional)
JS Bach-Chorale from Cantata 147 (Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring)
JS Bach-Flute Sonata in Eb (Siciliano)
JS Bach-Brandenburg Concerto #3
JS Bach-Air on a G String (Traditional Processional)
Saint Seans-The Swan
Gluck-Dance of the Blessed Spirits
Vivaldi-Four Seasons (Spring)
Vivaldi-Guitar Concerto in D (Largo)
From This Moment On (Shania Twain)
Sunrise, Sunset (Jewish)
Simantov and Mazeltov (Traditional Jewish Recessional)
Bashana (Jewish)
Erev Ba (Traditional Jewish Processional)
Jerusalem of Gold (Jewish)
Borhki Nafshee (Jewish)
Erev Shel Shoshanim (Jewish)
In the Window (Jewish)
Theme from “Ice Castles”
Theme from “The Rose”
Theme from “Somewhere in Time”
Somewhere Out There
We’ve Only Just Begun
When You Wish Upon a Star
Webber-All I Ask Of You

A Word About Your Wedding Ceremony

You stand in the foyer of your temple or church in your wedding dress. You watch the regal procession of your wedding party down the main aisle of your church. Now it is your turn to begin your climactic walk. Your guests stand facing you, eagerly awaiting your entrance. You take the first step, but WAIT! Where’s the music?!!

Could you imagine walking down the aisle to nothing but the sound of your own heart beating? This example illustrates the importance of music to your wedding ceremony. “No other single element of your celebration has the power to move your guests and engage the emotions of all in attendance the way beautiful music does”. In this article we discuss music for each part of the wedding ceremony, first by describing the role of music, and then by recommending selections that most successfully accomplish it.

Establishing Mood – The Prelude

The Prelude is an interval of music starting 20 to 30 minutes prior to your ceremony. During the Prelude, your music provider establishes the mood for your wedding. The choice of appropriate mood is entirely up to you, and you may use vocal or instrumental music to create it. A string ensemble playing violin concertos by Vivaldi will create an elegant mood. An organist playing liturgical selections will create a religious mood symbolizing the importance of this day. A vocalist singing contemporary love ballads will create a romantic mood. Or perhaps, you may desire ethnic selections, creating a variety of different moods.

One general rule applies to your Prelude selections: the music should not be dance oriented, and should be played at a volume that creates suitable background for prayer, reflection, and light conversation. While the Prelude music plays, the ushers escort your guests to their seats. The groom’s mother, father, and finally the bride’s mother are the last people escorted to their seats. We have found that playing a majestic classical work with a quick tempo can dramatically capture the guests’ attention and announce the beginning of the wedding ceremony. Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke) or Trumpet Tune and Air (Purcell) are ideal choices, due to their strong march rhythms. The music should continue until the aisle carpet has been unrolled. The Processional may now begin.

Setting The Pace – The Processional

Your wedding ceremony begins with the entrance of the wedding party. Normally, the ushers lead the procession, followed by the bridesmaids, maid of honor, the ring bearer, and the flower girl. The music “...should have a clearly audible cadence so that it is easy for you and your attendants to keep time while walking.” The music begins softly, and gradually increases in volume until the bride’s entrance. If the same selection is also used for the bride’s entrance, there must me a noticeable increase in volume when she is ready to enter. The haunting melody and driving rhythm (cello combined with violin playing pizzicato) of Pachelbel’s Canon have made it a very popular Processional piece.

The Big Moment – The Bride’s Entrance

The bride’s entrance is the most important moment of the wedding day. The music that is played greatly contributes to this lifelong memory. Its role is to announce the bride and focus all attention on her. The volume must be significantly louder than the music played for the attendants. With each step, the bride is assisted by the driving rhythm of the music. Synonymous with the wedding ceremony, the Bridal Chorus will instantly proclaim your entrance. Or if you prefer, the breathtaking violin arpeggios of the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba are sure to create a lasting impression.

Congratulations! – The Recessional

The end of the ceremony is usually marked by the bridal kiss or the announcement of the newly married couple. The bride and groom exit arm in arm, followed by the flower girl and ring bearer, the maid of honor and best man, and bridesmaid/usher pairs. Music should be majestic and played with a quick tempo. The regal melody and powerful orchestration of Ode to Joy will proclaim your union to your guests.

The Postlude

The Postlude begins after the Recessional. Since the music expresses your joy, it should be fast and triumphant. If you form a receiving line after your ceremony, music should be played until all guests have been greeted.

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